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Google Analytics or Click stream is the world’s most widely used analytics toolset primarily used to analyze the user behaviour on company’s website. This data is converted into different metrics that allows a business to take critical decisions pertaining to day to day operations of the business.

eZintegrations provides seamless integration from Click stream to Amazon Redshift  & Facilitates sharing of data from a single point with Multiple users in different department  for use in decision making. This information can be integrated with information from other tool sets & custom metrics can be defined to suit one’s objective or purpose.

Why Click stream to Amazon Redshift


Click stream being one of the most widely used analytics tool reports information pertaining to Users, Total Visits, Funnels, Purchase, Orders or heat maps pertaining to user behaviour on website. Now this information can be combined with information from other sources & help businesses understand various aspects of its operations. Different department may use the information in its own unique way. Amazon Redshift facilitates this transfer as it’s blazingly fast & if you use SQL it doesn’t require you to learn anything new since Redshift uses SQL, it works with existing Postgres JDBC/ODBC drivers, readily connecting to most of the Business Intelligence tools.

It is extremely suitable when extremely large amount of data needs to be processed extremely fast.

Use Cases



  • Marketing may use information pulled from Click stream to analyze the campaign effectiveness in terms of traffic or leads generated. They can simply pull this data from Amazon Redshift. This data may also be used by Sales in their day to day functioning in terms of leads generated & how many of these were converted. This information is also critical to Marketing as they might also want to know how many leads were converted to ascertain the effectiveness of their campaigns. Amazon Redshift facilitates this exchanges which may not be possible earlier.


  • The data generated from heat maps by Click stream can be combines with a advanced testing tool & used by UI/UX design team to pinpoint or analyze user behaviour in terms of interaction with the portal. They can use that data to refine the user experience & make modifications to existing design based on user interaction.


  • Click stream also facilitates mapping of sales funnel. This data can be used by both Marketing & UX teams to streamline their campaigns or user experience. The data & the results can be shared among themselves to better streamline the process.


Demo Video

Why eZintegrations for Clickstream to Amazon Redshift

  • ·         It’s completely cloud based. Speedy Implementation with no knowledge of coding required.
  • ·         Enables cross synergy of data from sales force to snowflake & other channels.
  • ·         Real time integrations with real view of data.
  • ·         It enables various departments to share data from a single data ware house without hindering each other functions or privileges.
  • ·         Streamline dataflow & data sharing.
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